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Angela has been changing lives for over thirty years, teaching people to use their credit to create& build wealth. Her relentless approach and dedication to create success for her clients is game-changing in helping them reach their financial goals and dreams. Whether it’s purchasing a home, a new car, or financing a business, Angela helps her clients understand the power of credit.


Along with her brainchild and company, Conquer Credit Management, Inc. has grown into the premiere credit management firm in the United States. Through referrals and word of mouth, she has built an impressive portfolio of who’s who clients, assisting some of the most recognizable names in the world today. 


As popular sought after speaker, Angela is routinely invited to share her unique insights and expertise on credit by some of the world’s major financial firms, including California Association of Mortgage Brokers, California Association of  CPA’s, World Savings Bank, Wells Fargo, PNG Corporate, The Empowered Women’s  Network, Mastermind Corporate, Merrill Lynch, National Association of Women in  Business and Bank of America to name a few. 


With a candid approach, a humorous delivery, along with her undeniable expertise and charm, Angela makes the world of credit come to life in a whole new way for the listener. Rather than feeling bored and dejected, attendees leave empowered an inspired from her seminars with the knowledge that their financials goals and dreams are attainable.  


If you have not been lucky enough to catch “the real credit queen” live in action, catch her on the airwaves as the host of the nationally recognized, weekly webcast/podcast show, “Your Credit Today” available on iTunes. “Your Credit Today” is a wonderful resource as Angela shares practical “how-to” tips to improve and maintain your credit to maximize your wealth. Join her each week for a “cr-education” that delivers a return every time.


Angela, “the real Credit Queen” is hands-on! When you reach out to her she meets you where you are, and you become family.  As a dedicated wife and mother of three sons, she is passionate about family and believes in helping others improve their world is her life’s mission. As she puts it, “I’m living MY dream, when I make difference in the lives of my family and friends!”

Past Audiences have included:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Board Members
  • Leadership Teams
  • Local Community Groups
  • Youth Development Organizations
  • Schools

6 Reasons to Book Angela For Your Next Event, Training, or Workshop

She blends the big picture with specific detail to connect the dots for diverse audiences and learning styles.

She pares down complex ideas to digestible concepts through descriptive stories that every audience member can relate with and understand.

She encourages audiences to tackle credit head-on with realism and positivity (regardless of their situation).

She brings actionable and approachable strategies to guide listeners to take the next (or first) step towards mastering their credit.

She brings heart and soul to every event and genuinely connects with each member of the audience.

She creates a captivating experience packed with her signature enthusiasm and genuine spirit!


Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner

Media Personality, Socialite, and Business Woman

“When I think about someone with a passion and track record to help people understand that their credit is an investment tool, I think of Angela. She is timely, wise and always so sweet! There’s no one better!”

Jenna Covello

Jenna Covello

Founder Agent Nateur

“Angela not only completely repaired my now perfect credit, but has taught me so much that I had her on my podcast. I learned how much revolving debt to credit ratio I should have, how to improve my credit score and what to do to protect yourself against fraud. She is one of the most sought-after credit managers in the country and I adore her!”

Jhoanna Alba

Jhoanna Alba


“As a minority business owner, it is important for me to trust professionals in the financial industry. Angela is not only trustworthy and knowledgeable, but she cares and educates you.  She wants nothing but to help you succeed and have financial freedom. I am very grateful for  her and her services.”

Karen Natapoff

Karen Natapoff

Homebridge Financial Services

“As a mortgage loan originator, I encounter clients whose ability to borrow and qualify for  interest rates is impacted by poor credit and low Fico scores.

I recommend Angela Setters who has assisted me and my clients for more than  twenty-five years. Most of all, I can count on not only Angela’s expertise but also her integrity.”

Endyia K. Sterns

Endyia K. Sterns

CEO and Television Producer

“I’ve known Angela Bessard for over 18 years. She is an absolute expert in her field! Angela knows all of the ins and outs of credit to not only help you grow your business but understand your credit and maintain it! When you have questions about your credit or have big decisions to make call Angie B the one and only Credit Queen! Or the one and only Queen of Credit I know I do!”

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

Superbowl Champion and Family

“On behalf of the Hayes Camp-we are so honored to have Angela & the Conquer Credit family in our lives.  Conquer Credit has changed our lives not once but twice.  Throughout our challenges with our credit situations Angela helped us bounce back and continued to educate us on what we needed to do to help us financially clean our credit.  Not only did she help us-she was able to find some defaults in our oldest sons credit report that we were unaware of during his college years. We were able to fix those defaults at the same time.

We were renting for 5 years and we needed to buy a home and didn’t know where to start.  We went to conquer credit for guidance and Angela was able to point us in the right direction.  Her staff was amazing at following up with us to make sure we were following protocols that would help us remove items in our credit report in a timely manner.  After months of this process we found a home within our budget that was perfect for our big family!!  We now know that good credit is golden and we have been able to maintain that with Angela’s help! Thank you soooo much Conquer Credit for being a part of our journey!!”

Jeffrey Becker

Jeffrey Becker

CPA and Partner

Having been a CPA for 40 years, I know that a client’s credit is a key part of his/her financial health.  Having good credit saves money and creates greater purchasing power, and I look good if I can help someone do both.

The person who helps me look good, and who has done so for over 25 years, has been Angela Setters.  She is a master at solving credit problems and getting clients financially healthy again.  

The best part is that she is so good at what she does, I just turn my clients over to her and she does the rest.  I don’t worry that she won’t follow through or that I will have to do any hand holding.  She is a pro, through and through.

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Angela Setters’ work.

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