Hey friend!

I’m Angela Setters Bessard, But my friends call me ‘The Real Credit Queen.’

Mama, wifey, self-made CEO, nationally recognized speaker, podcast host, media personality, respected credit thought-leader.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to demystify the anxiety-inducing myths that surround credit and finances AND teach people of all walks of life how to expand their wealth, security, and joy all through the power of credit.

I love working with diverse clientele ranging from people like you and I, to Fortune 500 companies, powerful CEOs, universities, families, non-profit organizations, professional athletes, public figures and high-profile celebrities, such as actors, artists and musicians. 


I’d be honored to walk alongside you as you get creducated and discover the opportunities, possibilities and peace that credit can bring to your life!

One of the only things I love more than credit is people.

It’s the reason I’ve dedicated the last 30+ years of my life to soulfully teaching, inspiring, and empowering people to take control of, and leverage their credit as a tool to gain financial freedom.


As CEO and founder of Conquer Credit Management, Inc., I still get fired up sharing information that inspires change and possibility in areas where people feel hopeless. 


I am the Real Credit Queen and I look forward to being of service to you.

But life didn't always look the way it does today....

For as long as I can remember, I believed mastering my own money was the only ticket to independence. 


This belief, manifested in many ways, but the seed was planted in my childhood years in a household that can best be described as “tough.” By age 16, I was emancipated, had my own car, lived in my own apartment, and was working 3 jobs juggling all the moving pieces that life required. Simply put: I had to grow up fast.


Motivated to do well and strengthen my understanding of money I landed a job at a bank. Starting as a receptionist I worked hard and learned a lot eventually becoming to top performing underwriter. It was in the banking industry I found my superpower—helping everyday people maneuver the financial system to get the loans they so desperately needed to live their lives and let me tell you something, I was good!


So good in fact, the bank fired me for costing them too much money by helping too many people qualify for loans. This was something that didn’t sit well with me and would become the catalyst for my career in the credit industry.

My “Second Act”.

Living out my 20’s was not a whole lot different than most twentysomethings. You know, partying to all hours of the night, enjoying loud music and hanging out with the “wrong crowd,” With the one exception, after all those nights I found myself returning to my passion everyday working in finances, eager and willing to help people in need. 


So, with the support of my then-boyfriend, now husband, I launched my first business that was dedicated to help people heal and restore their credit.


From there, I have never looked back.


My dream life!

In many years of learning, radical self-exploration, faith, commitment and deep healing, I have learned we are not captive to our start, we can redesign who we want to be, from the ground floor up! With this discovery I wrote a narrative that I still live by.


“In mastering my own finances and success, every fiber in my being is inspired to support others to do the same. “


Enter—The Queen, “The Real Credit Queen!”.


In addition to running a successful company and contributing my support to many charitable causes, I’m a dedicated wife and mother of three sons: Jordan, Justin, and Julian. I currently serve integrally at Crossover Ministries and Project Engage where my husband, Ralph, serves as Senior Pastor and CEO. 


Life is but a dream of what you make, for there is never a dull moment and I thrive in the excitement of it all.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s taken A TON of workin’ and reworkin’, but I’m so thankful that this journey has gifted me with the eyes to see, draw out, and celebrate the uniqueness in people, just like you.

I've commited myself to helping you see that you can create the life, wealth, and opportunity you want if you have the right credit system in place!

It’s in the unfolding of the process where you can truly find acceptance, love, and the truth of who you are.

I’d be so honored to help you take back control of your life and reach your dreams!